How I sell NLP to my training clients w/ Tim Robins

NLP Practitioner - Tim Robins
NLP Practitioner – Photo by Tim Robins

Interest or demand

The jury is out on NLP. There are those who maintain that it is not based on a solid-scientific basis sufficient to justify its inclusion among more robust learning modalities.

On the other hand, there are those these who firmly advocate the benefits of NLP as a means to ‘anchor’ change and make it a means to overcome deep-seated inner ‘challenges’.

Tim Robbins is a qualified Master-Practitioner and firmly believes in its capacity to deliver. The question is whether demand for NLP translates into business for you!

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I found myself among many other NLP coaches, and suddenly, NLP wasn’t such a niche….

Tim Robins – Master NLP Practitioner

Reinvent yourself

Tim began working in Bristol as a trainer, then managed a sales team and that’s where he found NLP to be particularly useful.

He chucked that job in, ‘threw caution to the wind’ and moved to Northern Thailand where he kept meeting stressed travellers and started offering them NLP coaching sessions.

Unfortunately, when Tim returned from Asia, he discovered that there was a plethora of other NLP practitioners in the marketplace. Overnight, his business advantage had disappeared.

My clients were stressed travellers who were looking for something…sometimes running away from something

Tim Robins, Master NLP Practitioner

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What Tim does to get great testimonials
  • How NLP can be applied to your customers challenges
  • Where to qualify as an NLP Practitioner
  • How InnerLeader generates new business
  • How he rebranded from B2C to B2B successfully
  • Why Tim and his wife came up with the brand name

Some helpful resources for you

Upwork – Hire freelancers from around the world
Podcast – Eps 19 – Why understanding psychology can help your training business
Inner Leader – Tim Robbins website and resources

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