How I train virtual assistants w/ Shelley Fishel

shelley fishel training virtual assistants
shelley fishel training virtual assistants

Going virtual with training

Shelley runs the IT Training Surgery, a niche training business focused solely on delivering in-person training on Microsoft Office products to her clients across Europe.

But now..she’s starting a training business creating workshops and training products to help people become virtual assistants (VAs)!

The demand for virtual assistants has rocketed as more people offer their virtual assistant services remotely. Listen in as Shelley tells you how she’s making money in this market.

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I realised that virtual assistants have been my main audience so I decided to create training products just for them…

Shelley Fishel – VA Training Business Owner London

Leverage the future

There are of course limitations to a training company’s business model if it it has to fly trainers across the country or around the world.

Shelley certainly doesn’t want to have to travel to make money. There’s only so much of that that anyone wants to do.

She also realises that the internet represents a large slice of the future of learning.

Tomorrow’s Virtual Assistant

With TomorrowsVA, Shelley knows that she can bring the same excellent training material to a global audience of VA’s (Virtual Assistants).

They’re online. Shelley’s online. Her material is now online and available to virtual assistants globally (Perfect)

As a Certified Online Learning Facilitator, Shelley and TomorrowsVA are well placed to serve the needs of her by leveraging that future today.

So as a facilitation business owner, what’s your plan to get a slice of the pie training people remotely?..


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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Shelley came to start her training business way back when
  • Why she decided that Microsoft Office products were her niche
  • Which particular industries usually need her services
  • What she looks for when hiring independent trainers
  • Why Shelley has qualified as a live certified online facilitator
  • What the difference is between a PA and a VA
  • Why Shelley thinks that online learning business is her future
  • How Shelley wrote 11 books on Microsoft Office products!

Some helpful resources for you

LPI – The Learning & Performance Institute [UK]
COLF – Certified Online Learning Facilitator qualification
Adobe Connect – Software for online training and webinars
Toptal – Marketplace for premium online freelancers
PeoplePerHour – Online freelancers for hire
Zoom – Software-based online conference used for remote training
Stella Collins – Brain Friendly Learning Group
The 4-Hour Week – Tim Ferriss’s revolutionary NY Times best-selling book
The IT Training Surgery – Shelley’s Training Company
Tomorrow’s VA – Shelley’s training products for Virtual Assistants
BookBoon – Shelley’s user-friendly Microsoft ebooks on Bookboon
Business Barista – Shelley’s book for sale on Amazon

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