Show your passion as a facilitator, every time

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Passion is the magic ingredient

If you are a leadership facilitator and you love what you do, your passion must show. Similarly, if you are an IT instructor, you must be passionate about software and coding. Make sense?

If you train people in the areas of negotiation or leadership or assertiveness or time-management or any number of topics you can think of, your passion must always show. No exceptions.

The clients in your workshops don’t just need new knowledge. They need your enthusiasm for your subject. Your positive emotion is the ‘glue’ which binds their learning into knowledge. 

I did a workshop on Agile Project Management several years ago. The guy was an expert. But he bored everyone. Feedback was terrible and that was his last gig. Expensive lesson for him.

Passion changes people

At 14 it was my brilliant French teacher, Valerie who sparked my interest in the language. Thanks to her, I spent two summers in France and returned with accentless French. Thanks, Valerie!

Years later, when I did my MBA in 2009, Michael Smyth, at Ulster University came in one afternoon to talk about the reasons for high unemployment in Europe. I thought I’d fall asleep.

But he gave a fantastic lecture and I was mesmerized. Two hours flew by, yet I could have listened to him all day. As it turned out, I wrote the second-best paper the class that semester. 

I was truly as surprised as anyone. Economics? Who would have thought it? But the passion with which he delivered the information made me want to know more and learn. That’s the point.

[Link to Research by Hamdi Serin at Tishk University]

Passion changes lives

In both cases, it is the person behind the teaching which I remember. I cannot recall the way they taught but I can clearly remember how they made me feel about their subjects. 

It’s so much easier to learn something new from someone if that person is ‘fired-up’. Have you noticed that you learn more when the speaker is passionate and the learning is ‘fun’? Of course!

Emotion and memory work closely together in the brain. We all find it easier to recall something when we have become emotionally involved in storing it in our minds. People need enthusiasm.

You have an enormous privilege in developing people. You might be the person who says something which changes the life and direction of someone and you may never even know it. 

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Passion = Return on Investment

When you think about it, your delegates all have important jobs which they cannot attend to. It’s because they’re with you. It’s costing their employer money to spend time in your training.

So you must be the person who sells the ‘why’ of learning more about the subject you are training. Enthusiasm leads to passion. Passion leads to performance. Performance leads to client RoI. 

One of the ways in which your success as a facilitator is measured, is the extent to which your delegates are motivated to continue learning days, weeks and months later. Right?

You are protecting your own brand when you convince learners to invest their personal time to apply and develop their new skills. Learning from you doesn’t stop when your training ends. 

Passion creates presence

I am sure that you have been in classes where the trainer has all the energy of a fish. You know she is an expert. But, because her class is boring, people are losing the will to follow, so they don’t

We all have ‘off-days’ when something’s on our minds, right? Perhaps something in our personal lives. But that’s no excuse. We owe it to our delegates to always be 100% ‘present’ and passionate.

When people have completed evaluation forms following my training sessions, the positive ones nearly always remark that I displayed enormous enthusiasm and passion for my subject.

So your enthusiasm goes along way to ensuring that investment in your programs gets results.  As professional trainers, that is the very least we owe the people who hire us!


Learning from great facilitators is as much about emotion as it is about information. Decide that you are always going to be passionate about your subject. If you can’t, do something else.

Commit time and money to investing in learning more about your subject area. Knowledge always pays off. If you are enthusiastic, your clients are more likely to learn more and develop faster.

People will recommend you when you have given them a compelling learning experience. Remember that your passion and energy affect your evaluation sheets and sales pipeline,

When your clients think of inviting you back, they will remember the fun in learning from you. Passion is good for people. It’s good for clients and it’s good for your business too!

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