Finding Success through Fulfilment in 3 steps

Finding Success through Fulfilment with Erin Shrimpton
Finding Success through Fulfilment with Erin Shrimpton

Today, I’m talking to Erin Shrimpton in Dublin, Chartered Organisational Psychologist and LinkedIn Learning Instructor about finding success through fulfilment and what that means.

As Erin’s website states she works as a coach and consultant helping people, teams and leaders change workplace experience for the better.

Erin has always been interested in the psychology of work, what makes people thrive in work, and why people love their work.

She cut her teeth at Innocent Drinks and learned so much, but one of her great takeaways from working there was if you see a different way of doing things, just do it.

Today Erin discusses her top so you can find success through fulfilment in your work, including:

  • Why you need intrinsic reward in your everyday
  • Ways to think in visionary terms
  • How to learn optimism

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What does success through fulfilment look like?

Because I’ve worked with a lot of entrepreneurial people over the course of my career I actually started to pick out the things that I’ve seen in entrepreneurs that they do and how they motivate themselves, how they respond to the world, and how they face to the future.

Everybody needs to have little things that you do that you find intrinsic reward in. It has to be aligned with your own values, aligned with your strengths.

I have found that successful entrepreneurs are the ones that find tasks that motivate them intrinsically.

Things I noticed when I talked to entrepreneurs is that they talked in visionary terms a lot. We don’t have to do things as they are, let’s think about how they could be.

For people working individually, it helps you to deal with uncertainty.

These are steps I use with clients and myself.

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What results Erin has gotten from starting a LinkedIn Newsletter
  • How Erin went from being an employee to being a consultant
  • Why do you need to find intrinsic reward when self-employed
  • What setting a vision can do for you as a business owner
  • How Erin balances being a consultant with being a mother
  • What you can do to learn optimism (and why it’s surprising)

Takeaways you don’t want to miss – Erin’s Website – Erin’s LinkedIn Profile
Using an Entrepreneurial mindset – Erin’s LinkedIn course

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