How Strategy Solutions Can Transform Your Business w/ Alex M H Smith
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Transformational Strategy Solutions w/ Alex Smith

Discover the importance of external perception, and the development of a funnel for business success. My guest this week is Alex M H Smith: Founder of Basic Arts which helps businesses realise total strategic clarity. Get ready to see your business in a totally new light. Find out more at #strategy #businessstrategy #strategysuccess #marketingfunnel #marketinginsights
Top 10 email marketing tips to get more sales
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Top 10 email marketing tips to get more sales w/ Mark Hayes

We have all heard claims that ‘email is dead’ or that social media marketing is the only way to go. It’s just not true. Email marketing still is an extremely useful way to get your message directly to your prospective buyers or clients. If you’re a consultant or a business owner, selling training and coaching, you really want to use something like email to get people interested in what you have to offer. In this weeks episode, I’m going to give you 10 tips to help you get more sales from using email properly. Listen to the full episode to gain valuable insight into the top successful email marketing strategies to use to gain more sales in your consulting or training business. Visit #consultancybusiness #businessgrowth #selfemployed #soloprenur #businesstips #emailmarketing #marketingideas
Top marketing tools to maximise your profitability w/ Mark Hayes
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Top marketing tools to supercharge your profitability.

Marketing assets are your secret weapons for business success. 🚀💼 In this week's Training Business Podcast, we're uncovering the power of these game-changers. From your LinkedIn profile to captivating videos, these assets do the heavy lifting, even while you sleep. Tune in and discover how to market yourself effectively and grow your client base. Don't miss out on this insider knowledge! 💡 👉Visit for the full episode.🎧 #marketingadvice #brandawareness #businessgrowthstrategy #leadgenerationstrategy #evergreencontent #socialmediastrategy #emaillistbuilding #brandbuilding #marketingeffectiveness #marketingstrategies #clientsuccess #profitability