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What’s a mentor?

There’s coaching, there’s training and there is mentoring. So many people mix these terms up and use them interchangeably, but there are distinct differences between the three.

Training focuses on the transfer of new knowledge from an expert to a novice. Coaching seeks to leverage knowledge someone already has but needs help with unlocking it.

So what then is mentoring? Entrepreneur Magazine explains that mentors can use their experience in the field to give you fresh perspective on problems.

A mentor can challenge you, foster relationships, introduce you to their network, and guide you quicker to where you want to be. Today’s episode with Kay Littlehales shows you how.

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A mentor is someone who wants to use their past to help your future @TrainingBusiness

Mentors really want to help you succeed

There are things you have learned to master in running your business. But maybe you have hit a wall. You can’t see what the next stage looks like and maybe you are short on ideas?

Right now, there are people who have time on their hands and would love to help someone like you. They are close to retirement and don’t feel that they are ready to leave the stage.

All it takes is an introduction or a message on LinkedIn. Your mentor could help your consultancy as a non-Executive Director or they could simply meet you online once a month in exchange for a small fee to give you specific advice on demand.

Mentors can meet you face-to-face or check in with you remotely. You can even use online services like to select the right mentor from a range of mentors in your niche.

Is it time to bring in someone who knows more than you and can see business possibilities that you can’t yet imagine.. ?


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

What a good mentor can help you to unblock
Which areas mentors can really help you to get results
How to be a good mentee (someone who is mentored)
How to approach a mentor and start a great relationship
How to select the right mentor for you and your business
Which questions to ask your prospective mentor to ensure a great fit
How to align their expectations with yours
Which kinds of challenges and problems to bring to the table

Some resources for you – Online directory of remote mentors who charge for time
MicroMentor – Become a volunteer mentor to help others worldwide
Score – Mentoring scheme backed by US Small Business Association
Definiton – Entrepreneur Encyclopedia definition of mentoring


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