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Does your training work?

How do you know that your training is effective from your client’s perspective? Training evaluation ensures that you can make the case for your training products and services.

Many training providers focus on the training program to the detriment of the results of the program. The result is that clients don’t see a return on training investment.

Today’s guest is Wendy Kirkpatrick and she’s going to explain the benefits of the famous 4-level model and what each level means for your training business. Don’t skip this one! $$$

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Instead of having a conversation with the business about training, what I’d like to see, is training professionals having a conversation with the business about the business

Wendy Kirkpatrick – Kirkpatrick Partners

Training evaluation requires you to prove that your training works. But that does not mean simply gathering ‘happy sheets’. You need to focus on your client’s business objectives.

Wendy believes that you should be asking your clients strategic questions like:

  • What are the key results that you need to accomplish this moth, this quarter, this year?
  • What are your most important outcomes that you are responsible for?
  • What are your pain-points in accomplishing those results?

Then you should start to get into about what’s happening on the job or what isn’t happening on the job with your clients in terms of performance to accomplish those results.

Training professionals must be able to hold a business conversation with their clients @WkKirkpatrick

When you have that kind of conversation with your clients, instead of pushing training, what you are now doing is performance consulting and partnering with the business to help then to accomplish the results they are looking for...”

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Partner with your training clients – don’t push them …

Wendy Kirkpatrick – Kirkpatrick Partners

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Why evaluating your training properly is going to help you
  • Why the 4-level Kirkpatrick Model is the choice of training professionals
  • What each level of the model means and how to use it
  • How your competition can replace you if you can’t prove RoI
  • Why you might want to become a Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator

Some helpful resources for you

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Listen to the episode now


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