How do I use Miro for remote training w/ Isman Tanuri

Isman Tanuri Miro Expert
Isman Tanuri Miro Expert – Photo copyright Isman Tanuri

The future of training is here

Businesses now have completely different expectations of training delivery. Before the pandemic, your clients were happy to pay you to spend a day or a half-day on site with their people.

You now have to deliver a training and facilitation experience under a completely different set of circumstances, where you and everyone else is behind a laptop screen or camera.

Because your customers are more open than ever before to remote collaboration, you need to master tools like Miro. Isman Tanuri is a Miro specialist and he’s going to help you get started.

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Isman is an Agile expert and works with leadership teams remotely across the Asia-Pacific region to help them achieve greater efficiencies across their organizations.

The power of Miro helps him to replicate as closely as possible an in-person, on-site training experience with his clients across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other APAC countries.

Isman is positively surprised how enthusiastic his clients are now about running ideation sessions, meetings, workshop planning, onboarding sessions (and more) remotely using Miro.

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Miro has changed how I train and helped me to replicate amazing classroom experiences for my clients online…

Isman Tanuri – Business Agility and Miro Official Expert

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Where you can learn how to design a workshop in Miro
  • How Miro stacks up against other collaboration tools
  • Which of Isman’s clients love Miro and why
  • What the ‘Miroverse’ is and how it builds community
  • How you can apply to become a Miro Expert

Some helpful resources for you

Elisan Partnership – Isman Tanuri’s website
LinkedIn – Isman’s professional profile on LinkedIn
Miro – Home page for Miro with resources [$affiliate link]
Jamboard – Google’s free whiteboard tool

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