How psychology can help facilitators w/ Gab Galassi

psychology in training
Business Psychologist and Trainer Gab Galassi –

Psychology unlocks potential

You might be surprised how important it is for coaches, facilitators and trainers to understand the principles of psychology.

When you are running training workshops and delivering learning programs, you need to understand people’s mindset so you can help to unlock their potential through psychology.

Our guest today is Gab Galassi, a Business Psychologist at the Association for Business Psychology with responsibility for training. Gab tells you what you need to know!

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A Business Psychologist is someone who applies the science of psychology to the workplace…

Gab Galassi – Association for Business Psychology

Gab started his career in commercial roles for major production companies in the media industry, spending a few years at Fox Channels before retraining as a Business Psychologist.

He is a certified BPS Test User Administrator in Personality and Cognitive ability assessment with several psychometric tools in his portfolio including Hogan Assessments .

Gab holds an MSc in Education from Birkbeck and an MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology from Kingston University, where he now also lectures on Training and Development.

LEARN MORE: Listen to our interview with Business Psychologist Dr Robbie Anderson at Chimp Management Ltd. authors of the world-famous psychology book The Chimp Paradox

Do you understand how psychological tools can help your training business? Are you certified to use any?

Training Business

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Gab came to be a Psychologist having worked in the BBC
  • Why he has pursued not one, but two masters qualifications
  • How tools such as Hogan and TEIQue can be useful in the workplace
  • Why mindfulness, resilience and psychometrics are increasingly important
  • Where emotional intelligence is more important than your IQ
  • Why what other people say about you has an effect upon your career
  • Which are the Big Five personality traits which are common to all people
  • What a trainer should be looking for when deciding which tool to invest in

Some resources for you

Hogan– Hogan Personality Assessment tools
TEIQue– Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire
16P– 16 Personalities free MBTI-based personality test
6 Hats–  Edward de Bono’s Tool for facilitating group discussions
ABP– Association for Business Psychology [UK]
BPS– British Psychological Association
APA– American Psychological Association
APS– Australian Psychological Society
CPA– Canadian Psychological Society
KUL– Kingston University of London [UK]

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