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Leadership training from Colorado

Today’s guest is Craig Ross from Colorado. Craig leads Verus Global, an international leadership training company more than 25 years in business.

Verus Global works with clients such as Rabobank, EcoLab, Harley Davidson, Ford and many more. So how did Craig and his team win blue-chip clients like these and where is the business going next?

You’re going to spend some time with Craig and me today as we share what has made Craig’s training brand so successful and what he has learned along the way.

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Start with your target market and identify how they want to consume the solution to their business pains …

Craig Ross – CEO Verus Global

When Craig ecame majority owner and CEO of Verus Global, he had an inflection point where he realized that he could help his clients build collaborative teams to execute business imperatives.

Craig says that his company goes about training in such a way that it is less about instruction and more about how his team can provide a solution to our customers’ pain.

You don’t have to scale your training business. You can remain as a one or two person operation.

But if you do decide to go up a level with your business, you need to have a clear vision that makes sense to the people who are going to hire you to help them with theirs.

Be clear on your purpose and how you measure business success…

Craig Ross – CEO Verus Global


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Verus began in the parenting space and became a training company
  • How writing 4 books has generated a lot of revenue
  • What it means to have a really clear value proposition for your customers
  • What Verus has done to attract clients like RaboBank and Harley Davidson
  • Why Craig advises trainers to create IP in the form of programs and content
  • What Craig’s best mistake was on his journey so far

Some resources for you

Verus Global – Craig’s training business based in Colorado
Do Big Things – Craig’s book on how teams can make a big impact [$ affiliate link]
Box of Crayons – Michael Bungay Stanier’s training company
Thought Industries – Online learning technology provider in Boston

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