What is the meaning of ARG to you?

What is the meaning of ARG
What is the meaning of ARG – Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

What is the meaning of ARG and what does it have to do with you?

Your corporate clients want learning that helps them explore new skills, develop new competencies and have fun at the same time, right?

You are more than likely aware of how training and technology are converging. You see it in new education apps and you see it in learning & development gamification

One of the terms you may have heard of is ARG. What do those letters mean? In this brief article, we’re going to give you a clear understanding of the meaning of ARG.

Have you heard of ARG?

Betty Dannewitz specializes in augmented reality strategy, production, and implementation. 

She says: ‘Augmented Reality Gamification (ARG) in learning helps to bridge the gap between how we learn at home and how we learn at work, even when we work from home.’ 

When you run VILT Virtual Instructor Lead Training you want your clients to experience skills development in ways that make them excited to learn.

Instructional design experts like Betty know that your consulting clients want more than just power point slides. They want learner engagement.

ARG Meaning
ARG meaning – image coursesy of ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

But ARG has two separate meanings

Koreen Olbrish former Vice President of Skills at Degreed points out that people are often confused about the real meaning of ARG.

She suggests that alternative reality games ARG ‘sometimes called pervasive games’ are designed to replace the real world with digital game play elements’

On the other hand, she indicates that augmented reality puts the real world and technology-generated objects together so it looks as if they are really there.

Confused? Don’t be! Koreen reveals that many instructional designers use “alternate reality games” and “augmented reality games” interchangeably.

So what is Alternative Reality Gaming ?

Alternative reality creates a world that doesn’t exist. For example, you put your Occulus Rift headset on and you experience a learning environment that really isn’t there.

We recently interviewed Sophie Thompson CEO and co-founder of Virtual Speech based in the UK. [Check out the podcast interview here] 👈

Sophie’s company discovered a huge market opportunity helping coporate training clients to practice skills such in front of a computer generated audience including

  • Essential public speaking
  • High impact presentations
  • Active listening skills

And what is Augmented Reality Gaming?

Augmented reality on the other hand puts imaginary objects in your field of vision. For example, when you put on a pair of smart glasses, you can ‘see’ signs or symbols on front of you.

And when you use Zoom to make calls to your consulting clients, you are able to add a background image or blur your background.

Companies like Blippar help classrooms to facilitate learning in a 3D world on topics such as

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Language learning

Augmented reality puts imaginary objects in your field of vision so they look like they are really there…

What are the 5 advantages of ARG?

1. Better collaboration
ARG can facilitate multi-person learning when your clients develop competencies together

2. Deeper knowledge
Learners can immerse themselves in your content and increase their retention of key topics

3. Accessible learning content
Your clients now can access learning on demand through apps and devices that they like

4. Increased engagement
Your clients are more likely to rate your training programs higher when they feel involved

5. Practical skills development
Skills learned in a virtual enviroment can help your learners to prepare for real-world scenarios

Finally, what is the business meaning of ARG to you?

If you are developing learning programs and corporate training, you might want to consider the meaning of ARG and the business opportunity for your brand.

According to BusinessWire there is a projected market growth of $125 Billion for Augmented and Alternative Reality up to 2024. 

ARG and VR market growth - image copyright BusinesWire
Image courtesy of BusinessWire

What this means is that learning solution providers like you cannot afford to be left behind. 

Technology and Gamification has an ever-increasing role to play in learning technology according to expert Karl Kapp. [Check out the podcast interview here] 👈

Sharon Boller and Karl have written a very useful book on the subject called ‘Play to Learn: Everything You Need to Know About Designing Effective Learning Games’

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