How I win blue-chip training clients w/ David McDermott

Professional Services Training
Professional Services Training – Photo David McDermott

Professional Services Training

Edinburgh is the headquarters of many multinational banks, accountancy firms, insurance companies and blue-chip global advisory firms.

David McDermott and his wife Tina have built a solid professional services training business with these clients over the years from their base in Scotland.

Listen in now as David share the secrets of how he and attracted some of the biggest names in the UK corporate space to deliver leaderships skills, pitching skills and management programs.

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Everyone has an opinion about what it is that creates high-performing individuals and organisations.

David McDermott – Managing Director EdoMidas

Word of mouth is everything

Blue Chip brands call on David and his team of Business Psychologists and Consultants to help them in strategically vital areas such as negotiation skills, pitching skills and more.

To win these kind of client, David tried many routes to market including hiring internal sales people. The one thing which worked …again and again and again….was word-of-mouth.

What that means for you as a training business owner is that you must ensure you find a way to systematically and ethically leverage your existing client work to get referrals

LEARN MORE: Listen to Andy Lopata, Author of the Financial Times Series book ‘Recommended’ tell you how to get more referrals to win more business.

Listen to the episode now


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What is it that makes the perfect business pitch?
  • Which strategy EdoMidas take to attract blue-chip brands
  • How David’s team comes up with training courses to bring to market
  • Why evidence-based research legitimises your training material
  • How EdoMidas settled on three core areas for training products
  • What David looks for when hiring external training consultants
  • How David and Tina had a Eureka moment with the name EdoMidas
  • Where he and his team is taking the EdoMidas brand next

Some resources for you

EdoMidas – David and Tina’s professional services training company in Scotland
LinkedIn – EdoMidas’s LinkedIn Business Page
Recommended – Andy Lopata’s book to help you get referred [$affiliate link]

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