What will be hot in workplace learning w/ Don Taylor

Don Taylor Global Sentiment Survey - Copyright Don Taylor
Don Taylor Global Sentiment Survey – Copyright Don Taylor

Which learning trends will be hot in the workplace of the near future Learning Analytics? Learning Platforms? Augmented Reality? Social Learning?

Today’s guest is Don Taylor, Chair of the Learning Technologies Conference, Chair of the Learning & Skills Group and Chair of the board of the Learning & Performance Institute.

Don’s Global Sentiment Survey goes our every year to thousands of Learning & Development stakeholders and it helps to paint a picture of what the talent development community thinks are the hot trends of the near future. 

So which coming L&D trends will impact your talent-development business and those of your clients. Wouldn’t you like to know?

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What’s coming down the line?

The global pandemic has had far-reaching consequences on the business of training and development and the effects can be seen in Don’s Global Sentiment Survey.

So which learning technologies are being adopted and opportunities exist in the world of talent development for you to exploit? Good question.

There are some surprises in terms of learning analytics and some even bigger surprises in terms of the views of upskilling and reskilling.

If you are a training vendor or an independent learning consultant and you can help your clients to make sense of learning data, I think that’s a rich opportunity

Don H Taylor – Chair learning technologies CONFERENCE

As Don admits: It’s not the case that everything respondents to the GSS survey believe to be hot and interesting will in fact be adopted later on.

But, it is the case that every learning trend and technology that has now been adopted has at one point predicted by the kinds of people who complete this survey! That’s the point!

By asking learning and development stakeholders, I get a sense of what's coming down the line in learning 3-4 years from now… TWEET THIS! AI (Artificial Intelligence) isn't a single thing by itself, it's more like a component of other things that we are doing in learning technology … TWEET THIS!

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Which are the key findings from the GSS Global Sentiment Survey 2021 
  • What are some of the learning trends that are up?
  • Which technologies are going to have the biggest impact?
  • What do they mean for the future of workplace learning?
  • How do they affect you and your talent development business?

Some resources for you

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Don H Taylor – Don’s website where you can download the GS Survey
Informal Learning – Seminal work by Jay Cross on informal learning
Designing for Modern Learning – By Crystal Kadakia and Lisa M.D. Owens


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