How SessionLab helps workshop design w/ Robert Cserti

Robert Cserti SessionLab
Robert Cserti SessionLab – Photo copyright Robert Cserti

Today, I’m joined by Robert Cserti, Co-Founder and Managing Director of SessionLab.

Thousands of trainers use SessionLab’s Session Planner to quickly design their training session and automatically update your timings. 

You can print off documents to share with clients, attach evaluation forms, presentations etc.

What I like most is that you can access a library of activities and drag them into your session.

And you can reuse elements from previous sessions and lots more.

We’re going to look at SessionLab today from the user’s perspective. 

Not the technical stuff but the practical features and why you might want to use with your clients.

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Why facilitators like SessionLab

One of the reasons why our 20,000+ subscribers like using SessionLab is that it helps to create a professional image of your brand when you share plans with your clients..’

A trainer who is a subscriber of ours told us that clients eyes light up when she shares her outline for an upcoming workshop...’

The SessionLab plan makes it real for them what they are paying for in the training…’

It contains all the detail so they get a clear understanding of how the workshop will run and what is covered...’

When the clients sees this, they often relax because gives them confidence in your product...’

Great workshops can be designed on a piece of paper or a spreadsheet – but when you have to present it to someone who is paying for it, it matters how it looks…

Robert Cserti – Managing Director and Co-Founder

I mentioned the interview with Pepe Nummi, author of the Handbook of Professional Facilitation. Here is a link to the episode again.

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How does SessionLab work exactly?
  • Which are the top features that facilitators like?
  • How does the SessionLab Session Planner work?
  • What are the 800 or so resources in the library?
  • Which new SessionLab features are on the way?

Some resources for you

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Session Lab – Design and plan workshops
Robert Cserti – Robert’s profile on LinkedIn
Pepe Nummi – The Handbook of Professional Facilitation


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