What do I need to facilitate a workshop w/ Nick Martin

workshop tools for facilitators
CEO Workshopbank – Photo by Nick Martin

Workshop tools online

Nick Martin CEO of Workshopbank.com, a site used by training professionals from companies such as Microsoft, Disney, and 40,000 organizations globally.

I like having access to a range of pre-built workshop tools such as ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’ (negotiation training) and the Eisenhower Matrix (time management training).

Workshopbank now provides a growing number of free tools, lesson plans, slides and more to 167,000+ subscribers online. Today, Nick tells you about his favorite workshop tools.

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Your clients don’t want to pay for your content. They want to pay for the results achieved through your content …

Nick Martin – CEO Workshopbank,com

Prepare for change

Picture this: It’s only 10.15AM and the team of senior managers you have for your two day leadership program are squabbling among themselves.

Your training plan has gone out the window because you need to get this fixed first and fast. Two days of interruptions and infighting?

The right tool

But…if you are familiar with the right workshop (tool) you can dip into your toolbox and pull out the right solution in response to that problem.

You can allow them to welcome and embrace their differences as a source of versatility and see those differences as a positive rather than a negative.

You can then move forward with your training plan or take things in a completely different direction.

So which workshop tools do you have to hand in case your training plan goes out the window?


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What convinced Nick that there was a market for Workshopbank
  • Which differences there are between training and facilitation
  • Why workshops are more valuable to your clients and you
  • Which kinds of tools are likely to effect the most impactful change
  • How to know when to use a tool in which situation
  • What you need to do to be able to properly facilitate a workshop

Some helpful resources for you

workshopbank – Platform providing workshop resources
SessionLab – Online workshop co-creation planner for facilitators

Listen to the episode now


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