Your incredible method. How to figure out what it is.

Samantha Bennett - your incredible method
Samantha Bennett – your incredible method

Today, I’m talking to Samantha Bennett in the USA about her incredible method.

Samatha is an author, keynote speaker and mentor. She has written two books in particular that sparked an interest in me when I asked her to be my guest, “Get It Done” and “Start Right Where You Are”.

As a creative person and entrepreneur herself, Samantha is interested in how creative people make decisions when there is no external accountability and the only one counting on you is you.

From her first foray into the world of training, Sam discusses some of the mistakes she made, so you don’t have to, and how you can find your incredible method for getting things done such as:

  • Banishing procrastination and self-doubt
  • Building your self-confidence
  • Improving the ability to think on your feet
  • And more

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An incredible method can help you…

There is an assumption that we make.

We see somebody who has written a book, or they have a podcast, or they’re doing a show where they’re speaking and we think:

They have so much more confidence than I have.’

They must have more training than me’.

‘They must have more experience than me.’

I’m here to tell you, none of us do!

…with it, you can overcome anything.

You get that pit in your stomach feeling that ‘this is going to be terrible, I shouldn’t do this, I’m afraid.’

That feeling is akin to stage fright. It’s fear of scrutiny, what other people think of us, that we are going to fail.

Of course you feel like that, you wouldn‘t be a person if you didn’t, but to understand that feeling you have, that fear, that anxiety, is not a sign not to do it because the confidence comes after you’ve done it.

So stop waiting to feel confident. Just do it and start where you are!

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Get over your fear
  • Mentally overcome perfectionism
  • Self-improvement ideas

Some resources for you

The Real Sam Bennett – Website
Start right where you are – Book by Samantha Bennett
Get it done – Book by Samatha Bennett

Improve your public speaking with Toastmasters – Training Business Guest Blog

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